Sunday, May 10, 2009

New life awaiting and the old life sounds

Spm life just like speed of light, swept and flew away. Although I manage to get 11A`s for my spm examination, life is still a hardship. I am now awaiting the uni life and but also don't really want to leave the life now. In this senior 3 life, i meet a lot of different situation and learn a lot of things about life. Actually, JPA scholarship is just a kind of glamour. People is rushing to get it just to show off. Besides, this JPA isn't that fair as they are using quota system. However, life stil goes on. Now, I am waiting for yayasan sabah scholarship for degree in biotechnology to further my study at Technology Park Malaysia College. You see, life always doesn't go as what you always wish for. I actually planing to study mechanical engineering and had applied tons of uni and scholarship so that it won't eventually burden my family. Unfortunately, none of the scholarship which are good offered to me and i had turn down some offer as their terms and condition doesn't suit what i plan. I have to admit that, all the scholarship application is done by my dad and i thank him very much for that. However, my result which isn't that really good, fail to get any good offer and in addition, i am not a malay or bumi. Now, at the moment, TPM maybe suits me as it seems to be god's will. If I really got the yayasan scholarship and pursue my studies at TPM, i will be leavin at 28th of May, and it is very soon. Sad to say that, i have to leave KKMS, SO club and also my beloved home and my family.

In this very 2009, thanks to nicole for accompany me in school, surely also huilin, steph, huyiyi, sebestion, dear luilui, ruifang, sze yu, jian xin, ying tze and last but not least, yeeping, my vice president. You all have been the painter of my life, which made my life full with different colour. All my happiness, bitterness, sourness, sweetness my highest peak and my lowest point of my life, I am glad to have you all. I also happy to have tung chien n kaixin, although you two have leave school earlier to have furthur study at other place, but stil send my gratitude to you two for being in my life. I think all this is really god majesty power which put us together, and having different experiences together. Thank god for that and i always love all of you and also all my classmates and Kian Kok String Orchestra. SO club can say is my hardwork. Although I fail to maintain the quality of the performers, however i know that i had done my best. 6 years in this club, i start with a ordinary but consider exceptional because I am just only ordinary student but is the only boy in Violin section of the club. Slowly, responsiblity comes to my shoulder and 1st time in my life to organise a concert. As a leader, it wasn;t a easy job which everyone feels that it is great to be a leader and can gives order to instruct people. It actually burden me and gives me alot of pressure. Eventually some of the white hair grown since i was promoted to be the vice president of the club and also the chairperson to organise the concert. I was glad that with the members help, the concert however went well although we met lots of problem. Since so many years of hard work, now SO club can say is the richest club in the school. Hope that Ah yao can use the money wisely and benefits the members.

This month maybe is the last month for me to be in kk and also in kkms. I actually can't afford to leave my beloved club and also my "siblings" and "family". Although in the past years, i am very fierce, keep on scolding people and "lc" people. Even i was ANTI by everyone even my closest partner in class and club, but i still love the members and the club. All i do is for the benefits of the club. I really hope that when i return next time, I can see that kkms not only famous of academic studies and Concert band, but also Kian Kok Youth Orchestra or Kian Kok String Orchestra is strong and at least have a standard of a good orchestra and well dicipline. Yeeping, the future of this club now is in your hand. Hope you won't dissapoint me and hope that the members give cooperation to her. I always LOVE you all--------Ham yUE tUAN MEMBERS.

HOpe SO club will turn a new leaf as soon as possible and do something great which make me and the ex members proud.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SPM........(part 3)

24 november....worst week of SPM start
BIOLOGY, my weakest science subject are examine at this day. Last few days before this exam, i had to study hard because biology.....have ALOT of stuff need to really read and memorise. Haiz, who ask my memory is so extremely lousy. Anyway, i manage to handle mainly of the question...huh......err, i think i really forgot what really took place that day.........hehe, sorry ah, cannot say much about it. But can say tat the question quite ok and not really killing me as what our teacher always give in exam..haha

25 november, Physics.....huh, no holiday in between.
for so many weeks of SPM, only this week doesn't hv holiday in between all the subjects and is for 4 days suffering..haha
I like physics, but unfortunately, this year's question quite tough lar...sob sob T.T... i also doesn't have much confident of it espacially those question in chap 9(electronic)....hehe. But luckily the paper 3 experiment, are common sense, can't be found in textbook....i finally can simply bla...haha

26 november, finally science subject all past already, but this day also killing me because it is CHINESE.....haha, sorry lar, i have to admit my chi sucks. the exam hall, i really crack my brain hard to do the essay.....on the answer paper, there are alot of cross out. It makes the paper very messy, i a bit worry whether the examiner can see. U know, my handwriting are like ghost writing or jawi writing..haha...(luckily the BM paper allow for jawi writing...hehe)
Why ah???my chi level is already so bad, why they stil want to give so difficult question ler???...really want me to die is it???...haiz...what to do.......just have to do it...

27 november......sweetest day for everyone in my class....
EST, the subject which have nothing to study as everything in this world can be question in the paper.......this day, we all talk the whole day........have to talk more lar, because after this very day, many people are leaving as SPM finish. Haiz, this day really happy and sad. Happy is finish SPM bt sad because friends are leaving......luckily at night, we have our class party....That party i will talk later...really many funny things to say...haha

4 december........what, still have my geography....haiz, not yet holiday
Err, this day nothing much to say lar.....because mainly the students are my schoolmates and only 4 of them are my classmates. This day just normal. But, at the end of this exam, as this day is the final day of SPM, i and chun kit(my class' genius) go to center point for show......the weird thing is we decide to do so at the last minute. Just say lets go for movie and go. So we watch "Bolt"....hehe, i do not want to talk about this movie lar....just doesn't like much. I also meet yee en(my daughter in SO club). She also watching the same movie...haha.....after that, i and chun kit went to 1b for fun by bus..huh, fun but have to leave straight away after arriving at 1b cause parents. Nevermind lar, important thing is have a fun day.

Hehe... thats what happen on the days i having my papers......
Actually in between there are even more unexpected things happen ler....have very sweet one and also bitter one......but all this things wil be precious to me now and future. As SPM ends, everybody have own decision to do. Here i want to say goodbye to all my beloved friends which leaving KKMS espacially to Tung Chien, Kee Yang, Pin Jin, Darren, Yik loong, Cheaw Lin and others. You all leaving me the furthest. U all going to west and some leaving to Aus..anyway hope u all be happy and i wil miss you all.....Hope to keep contact always with you all.......Farewell my friends.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

SPM........(part 2)

17 november...........
This day is the general science subject......what a relax day......
Actually this is what i am thinking, i thought general science only lar, so easy.....
but since so many exams, this subject actually not that easy.
Although for us science student, just like revising our three science subject only, but if we really study it, there are many things that we actually did not study in our pure science subject.....This really a great challenge for us which everyone of my classmates who take this subject has to self study.......huh.....Fortunately, the question aren't too bad, just that the structure question has some weird question coming out.

18 november...........A suffering day again.......
Additional mathematices and Pendidikan moral...gosh, both subject are quite tough and both are place together at the same day.....
Anyway, luckily my class has mdm chong, as i say previously, she help us much......really a very good relief...HUH!!!!!
Wait, additional mathematices can rest, but what about moral...OH, soooo many nilai need to study. All have to memorise perfectly in the mind and no mistake must be done when writing the nilai's and this paper's question, is really damn hard. What the hack, why give so many KBKK question, really want us student to crack our brains??? Don't know lar......have to ask the Kementerian.

19 november, rest day...but i use for something else and does stupid stuff......haha

20 november......An anxious day....Chemistry....
Woh, finally this day come.....i really want to know what i learn from Puan Chong in tuition....Actually i really wanted to thank her because of her teaching, i can manage to handle well my chemistry.....and luckily, the chemistry paper are very easy.....the objective question, many students manage to do very well in really a happy day. Haha, and you kno what, the perodic table they gave, is already outdated.......the table given is used since year 1991(wah, same age as me ler the table), now is 2008 and things change very fast, but they still use the old table.....there are so many new elements not enter in it.....i still love the table given during the national chemistry pretty and up to date...haha

huh.....SPM really too long for papers all together need 11days to finish......therefore many things to talk.....cannot clash all in today...hehe.......i wil tell more next time.....pen off

Saturday, December 6, 2008

SPM........(part 1)

11 november, SPM starts with BM paper..........

Normally, in my school exam, BM(malay language) always is the fearest paper 4 everybody in my class. funny, but when the real SPM paper is given to me, i cannot say anything but only laugh......i think maybe because normally the papers for school exam is extremely hard, plus my BM teacher, Cikgu Teh........very strict, she always make us tremble when doing her all can just imagine when you do her paper, your whole body shiver even if the weather is extremly hot.....I don't know what happen to this year's SPM papers......even the question papers also have colours. Just like for children. Haha

On the very day, Sejarah paper also same day with this BM paper....huh, luckily it isn't the subjective and essay part....or not, i can cry for the whole night preparing for this exam......Anyway, luckily the objective question quite easy, at least i feel relief.

12 november, 2nd day of SPM,

This day i had the easiest paper for me(only english ahh, not sejarah). When i got this english exam paper, tons of freaking questions are in the paper......example, "what is your dream??" "Why do you have this dream??"......GOSH, what type of question is this???? Can you all give some more rational question which really need us student to think....About the essay question, still acceptable although is a bit too early for those question........but i know many people did think of their future perfect husband or wife...haha.....

Unfortunately, sweet things always come an end with some bitter.....SEJARAH 2nd paper, which i hate the most.....ESSAY. Damn, the question are freaking shock.....SOOOO many KBKK question, what the.....KBKK question say is easy to answer but actually not that fun......haiz......Anyway, i had already finish that paper. HAHA, no more boring M..sejarah(cannot say too obvious, you know i know is alright. Haha, SHHHHH)

13 november, modern mathematic paper

Cool, i really lik this paper much. This is because this subject not only easy buy also very fun.....

Besides, i can do it easily without much thinking or figuring the ways to solve the question....By the way, i also have to thank my mathematic teacher because her "devil-type" of training (also for the additional mathematic). Although her training are exhausting and her questions are really extremly hard compare to SPM, it helps us very much not only for this SPM but also other exams and for our future.....THANKS MADAM CHONG XUE PING......(是hor,你们是A班生hor,可以自己做hor.........) HAHAHA.........

Thats my first week of SPM, this SPM exam really lot of things to say, cannot finish it all now......haha, nevermind, it will continue in part 2.....haha

Friday, December 5, 2008

Is yours means is yours

Life, is a very complicated stuff.
Whenever your want to get something, always you cannot get it. However, whenever those stuff you didn't request or wish for, it will just come to you and be yours.
Although i did not get those stuff which i did not wish for, but i meet many problems which is those things that i wish for, it just flew away and as if waving hands to me saying bye bye. Since so many high and low in my life, i realised peoples saying of "is yours means is yours" is a really correct saying. God have HIS own will for everyone, and HE will work in his ways. Therefore not everything will came as what you wish for.
Actually, in our lifes, there are many highs and lows. Howevere, we should positively take it on. No matter what is the result, once you have done your best, is alright. Leave the rest to the LORD, just as the song title of "God will make the way".
God wil make the way
where there seems to be no way
in many ways we cannot see
he will make the way for me.
Hehe, sorry yea, i cannot remember all the lyrics. As my memory is the worst, i always cannot remember stuffs. However, i should take it as a gift as a great preacher, Steven Tong says: "Those people with bad memories is a gift as they forget all bad things other people do to him." We as a human being in this world, we should expect many kinds of things happen. Although we cannot avoid it, but we stil can make our life happy. No matter what is happening, we should take it as a test from the nature of life and try to learn from experience. Thats the way of life.
Actually there is nothing that we should be sad of but we should get up as soon as possible in a fall of life.
I have something to tell those who are in heart pain cause by problems,
Everyone deserve to be sad, but do not take it as the end of the day. Life is a long way for us and we have to go on. Why don't we live our life happily rather than sorrow?? I know is hard and i have experience it. Actually sometimes let the right thing goes at the right time, it wil make everyone in it relief and will also make yourself free and happy. So choose to be a happy person rather than a person which is in pain.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A new start 1st blog.......
2008, a year full of memories, the sweetest, the bittest and the most enjoyable memories all gether this very year......
As times flies, many of my classmates are starting to leave,
all the memories are the one which accompany me to go on of my live. Through this year, l have learn many things and espacially this SPM period.....huh???funny right, SPM should be the time everybody rush to do the best to get good result, but i meet different things and different problems which awaken me.....anyway, thank you to the one who help me very much and all my beloved friends which accompany me to colour my senior life in school.
I think my brain oledi "kaput"(rust already), at the moment have plent of things to say but just doesn't know how to express.
I think thats all for today, a good start should bring better result...hahaha........
The most important thing, be happy everyday and do not let sorrow spoit your days.